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Friday, November 14, 2008

Shortbread Recipe

Here is the original recipe
from my cousin Rob Armitage, 2001

1 # butter
1 c fruit sugar
cream well 10 minutes
3 c flour (remove 2 Tbsp flour add 2 Tbsp cornstarch)
mix and cream mixture
then add 4th cup (may not need it all)
knead until firm dough using a little flour
press into 11 X 15 (jelly roll) pan
poke with fork (the dough, not yourself)
bake in 325 F oven 40 minutes
check after ten minutes


I have homies who get me the "fruit sugar" from Canada. Fruit sugar is 100% fructose. It is much sweeter than normal sugar. I don't know what would happen if you used ordinary table sugar.