How can there be bad kittens? I look around at the shredded piles of toilet paper and I see only good kittens who sometimes do bad things. That said, it is pretty hard to shake the sense that Tangerine is truly a bad, bad kitten pretending at occasional goodness -- what's with all the glowing demon-eyes in the photos!!

Monday, December 1, 2008


I've started playing chess at You can check out how I'm doing by clicking here, or go to and search for the member named NoBadKittens -- that's me. You can see if I'm winning or losing these days. Challenge me to a game, if you don't mind getting a serious spanking!

I've never played chess much through the years, maybe 20 games or so. Once I started playing on-line, I realized I should get a real chess board so that I could try out scenarios before making my moves.

I got the new chess board all set up last weekend. It has plastic pieces. I set up some chess puzzles, made some spectacular wrong moves, and turned some close matches into absolutely routs for the other side. Three cheers for the darn chess board! I went to bed.

In the morning, the chess pieces had been scattered by the kittens. I looked under the fridge and behind the book cases and out on the balcony, and eventually found all but two pawns and a bishop. So much for using that chess board. No Bad Kittens, indeed.