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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Cake in a coffee cup/Make a cake in 5 minutes!!!

Here is how to make a cake in a coffee cup, in 5 minutes!!! WOW!!!

What you will need:
jumbo coffee cup(holds about 2 cups of water)
Pam or butter
9 tbs. hot chocolate mix
4 tbs. self rising flour(if you don't use self rising flour, you will basically be eating a hockey puck, or something really hard and jaw breaking)
1 egg
3 tbs. cooking oil
3 tbs. water
mini marshmallows(optional)
chocolate chips(optional)
ice cream(optional)

What to do:
1. Spray your coffee cup with Pam/butter.
2. Add dry ingredients. Stir until uniform.
3. Add egg. Stir.
4. Add cooking oil. Stir until not lumpy.
5. Add water and stir until it looks like cake mix.
6. (Optional)Add chocolate chips, marshmallows or other things. You can experiment with it.
7. Put in the microwave(the oven is not an option!)and set the timer for 3 minutes. Keep an eye on it incase it explodes.
8. After 3 minutes, let it stand in there for about 2 minutes. DANGER! THE COFFEE CUP IS SO HOT IF IT MAKES CONTACT WITH COLD WATER IT MAY SHATTER OR EXPLODE.
9. Turn coffee cup upside-down over a plate. Shake vigorously. The cake should fall out onto the plate.
10. Let cool before serving with ice cream or frosting. ENJOY!!!