How can there be bad kittens? I look around at the shredded piles of toilet paper and I see only good kittens who sometimes do bad things. That said, it is pretty hard to shake the sense that Tangerine is truly a bad, bad kitten pretending at occasional goodness -- what's with all the glowing demon-eyes in the photos!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Waking up Canadian

I'm kind of used to waking up as a Canadian, so I'm not as excited as this guy is in the morning.

I usually let the anthem play a little longer, too.

This is actually a real thing, though. Lots of people had to renounce their Canadian citizenship to become Americans (or Russians, Kurds, etc). How shocking!!!

Apparently now, all is forgiven and it is okay to be a Canadian again. Weirdly, for a country that is All About Human Rights, you don't get a choice -- lots of people woke up on April 17th, 2009 and were instantly, automatically Canadian again.

I guess the draft can't be far behind, eh? "Waking up Canadian Forces". LOL