How can there be bad kittens? I look around at the shredded piles of toilet paper and I see only good kittens who sometimes do bad things. That said, it is pretty hard to shake the sense that Tangerine is truly a bad, bad kitten pretending at occasional goodness -- what's with all the glowing demon-eyes in the photos!!

Monday, March 1, 2010


This past weekend, Tatiana and I made Ratatouille. Here is a link to the recipe we used.

In the discussion section at the bottom of the recipe page, there are many comments about how to make eggplant not be bitter and not turn mushy. We were successful in having non-mushy, non-bitter eggplant in our recipe by cutting first our eggplant into coins, salting them heavily, then placing heavy books on top of the coins for 45 minutes or so. Lots of water came out of the eggplant. When fully cooked (and even when eaten as leftovers a day later) the little eggplant cubes were firm.

All in all, the recipe was a great success for being able to make green pepper and eggplant into something that doesn't actually taste bad. In fact, it was nearly yummy!