How can there be bad kittens? I look around at the shredded piles of toilet paper and I see only good kittens who sometimes do bad things. That said, it is pretty hard to shake the sense that Tangerine is truly a bad, bad kitten pretending at occasional goodness -- what's with all the glowing demon-eyes in the photos!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

walking the cats

It's funny how something so nice and ordinary can suddenly get kind of creepy.

I walked out on the street with the cats this morning, common for sunny Sunday mornings. I stopped near an empty lot which has a big gopher field, always interesting for the meowsers. I sat on an old tree stump at the side of the road because oftentimes the cats jump up beside me to be patted and praised on their excellent foliage-rustling and whatnot. Sure enough... Wasabi dashed across the field to where I was sitting, but then stopped short and started digging in the dirt and leaves just a few feet from me. Gopher? Oops, nope, time to cat poop.

I sort of turned a little to one side and tried to call skittish Tangerine over. She started to come close, until a neighbour's car came down the street and parked a short way away. Tangerine got spooked by the car and streaked off to some point on the compass known only to scaredy-cats.

I turned back to see Wasabi who was just finishing up his business, less than 3 feet from me. That's when the neighbours got out of their car and turned to stare at me -- some guy sitting on a tree stump watching a cat poop (now enhanced with noisy squirty sounds) right in front of him.

How embarrassing. I wanted to tell them... "it's not what you think. This is MY cat pooping here, I'm no cat pooping voyeur, I was actually trying to get my OTHER cat to come over here, perhaps not to poop as well, but do something, y'know, normal, my other cat is orange as well, but doesn't poop so noisily as this one"

However, there is nothing you can say to redeem yourself when people come upon you sitting in a field, uncommonly close to a pooping cat. lol