How can there be bad kittens? I look around at the shredded piles of toilet paper and I see only good kittens who sometimes do bad things. That said, it is pretty hard to shake the sense that Tangerine is truly a bad, bad kitten pretending at occasional goodness -- what's with all the glowing demon-eyes in the photos!!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Goofy brother roommate. At 6am sharp, Sandy's phone started ringing out here in the living room where I was sleeping. Did he get the phone? No. Did he come out and turn that noise off? No. ARGH!

I mumbled, grumbled, and tried to get back to sleep while the blessed thing rang for an entire hour. Wow, his boss at work is an even bigger butt-head than mine, ringing the phone for so long. My boss usually gives up after 20 minutes or so. Sheesh.

Eventually I got back to sleep while the phone rang and rang. Sleep wasn't good though. I had dreams of cat-bosses with moustaches chomping their cigars and calling me on the phone "Chavitage! Why haven't you even started these reports!!!" That sort of thing.

Roommates and their goofy habits. Bah!

A short time ago I woke up and wondered why my alarm hadn't gone off. I checked it and saw that it had been ringing for an entire hour. Sandy came out of the bedroom, all sleepy eyes, and said "bro, your alarm rang for an hour or two, eh?"